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Not that anyone even really comes on here anymore, but what the hell.

Going to see Marina & the Diamonds with a few friends tonight, and bloody hell am I ever excited. This is going to be great.


...Oops. I disappeared again.

This time I am blaming it mostly on my laptop...breaking down, more or less, not long after the last post I had made on here. The screen is completely fucked, so I barely use it at all anymore [I have to hold it at a really awkward angle just to see anything, and even then I can only barely see black text on white background...and pretty much nothing else]. I've been using my PS3 and PSP for most of my internet usage, but typing on those is really difficult and, aside from tumblr and Facebook, I've sort of neglected everything else.

Anyway. I keep kicking myself every time I'm reminded of LiveJournal, and seeing as I finally remembered about it while on my dad's laptop...I decided to pop in and say a quick hello. I'll try to remember to come back here every so often, from now on. I miss you guys. If any of you are even still around.

A lot has been going on; most of which I'm not going to get into right now, but one thing I'll update you guys on is that I've finally gotten my name legally changed! I am really happy about this. I also got to meet Mark Sheppard, who is basically my idol, and I am now able to die happy. C:

SO YEAH. I guess, uh...that's it for now. I'll try to better keep track of this account from now on. Hopefully I won't fail miserably as usual? I hope you're all doing well.
Title: Canvas
Author: panda_pon
Characters/Fandom: Madarao x Tokusa/D.Gray-Man
Rating: A light M?
Warnings: Not too explicit, but there are obvious mentions of sex. And a somewhat vague mention of physical violence during aforementioned sex.
Wordcount: 753
Author's Note: The first fic I've written for this fandom in about...oh, a year? Approximately. I found myself with a sudden, irresistible urge to try last night, and Mandy was kind enough to give me a few prompts. The one I used for this was 'Canvas'. Please forgive any mistakes, I've gotten pretty rusty during my absence.

Because somehow, you know that he can’t stand seeing that look of self-depreciation on your face any more than you can stand seeing it on his.Collapse )
O o p s.

I am still somewhat blaming this chronic inactivity on tumblr; truth be told, I haven't really been keeping up with any of my 'social networking' sites this last year. With the exception of tumblr. And occasionally Facebook.

So yeah. Hi. How are you guys?

My FriendsPage is eerily quiet, so I have to wonder if maybee I'm not the only one who seems to have faded away from LiveJournal. But I miss it, and so I'm going to try making a point of coming back; hopefully for good [and it's about damn time, too]. I miss some of the people here as well, despite my awkward and borderline nonexistent social habits.

Anyway. A short summary of what I've been up to is in order, I guess. I'll gladly go into more detail if anyone asks, but for now I have no way of knowing if anyone is even going to read this [or care], so I'm not going to bother with much more than the basics.

I've changed my name. I go by Liam now. However, I'm not going to bee bothered if anyone is set on continuing to call me Sam. I don't reely care either way, to bee honest.
I have finally started my transgender assessment therapy, and hopefully, if I'm lucky, I'll bee able to start on hormone treatment in a few months. My psychologist is pretty great, too.
•I am finally 'out' to everyone as transgender. That includes some of the less...receptive members of my family. But oh well. For the most part, everyone's been pretty supportive. My grandma and my moirail most of all, but also a few of my friends.
•Mandy and I are no longer in a relationship, and haven't been for quite some time. We're still friends though, and while it's been sort of rocky/complicated at first, I think we may have finally managed to come to terms with everything and can go back to beeing super great friends like we used to bee. C:
•I am sort of...'involved' with my friend Fionn, but the situation is complicated and somewhat confusing, and neither he nor I would know how to describe it if we tried. I'm happy, though, and that's what matters.
•I have a little sister. Khloe is almost seven months old now. I'm still not sure how I feel about her. She's cute and all, but I'm already pretty detached from most of my family, and they're people I've known for twenty-one years. She hasn't even been around for one, and it probably doesn't help that I have a strong dislike for babies and children. But...she's my sister, so I don't know.
•I have beecomb somewhat obsessed with bee/nautical-themed puns, for which I apologize. Most of it is sort of subconscious anyway.
Homestuck and Supernatural have taken over my life.

Also, just beecause. My highlight of the new year [so far]: I met Jared Padalecki. My "best friend" [whom I may or may not bee friends with at all anymore, if she doesn't get her shit together I am done] and I lurked the set of Supernatural a month or so back, when they were filming up near her house. We were there literally the entire day, and when they finished at the end of the night, Jared snuck away from their bodyguard and came to chat with us. I got an autograph and--even better--a hug. I have never been so happy to stand at a mere 5'3", than I was when my height [or lack thereof] resulted in my face getting smushed right into Jared's chest. B)

Anyway, uh, yeah. So. What has everyone been up to these days?


And ironically the only thing I’m remotely excited about is the fact that I’m getting my hair cut today.

Like Sollux.

Until making the appointment yesterday afternoon, I’ve been dreading my birthday all month, HA. ||D
-extremely resentful about being twenty-

Oh hey, hey look what I did. C:

Made an FB account for just my fandom stuff. Something I've...been meaning to do for THE LONGEST TIME but I've been a lazy twat so yeah. :l

Feel free to Friend me if you want. I'll be posting WIPs and stuff on there that...probably won't end up anywhere else. Except for a Homestuck fic preview or two that might end up on tumblr... -cough-

Solution: Curl up back there with him. : D

ETA: No Squeaky, you can't sit on my computer. :l

Wow this sucks. Understatement.

Uh so basically I fucked up my wrist somehow..? Was originally going to go into a lot more detail but after spending over two hours researching multiple medical sites and reading up on human anatomy, I'm pretty sure I know what it is so I'm going to try keeping this...at least relatively short.

Obviously I'm not going to make any stupid assumptions like saying it IS this for sure, since I'm not a doctor and can't make my own official diagnosis, but considering the various symptoms/causes/etc. that I've found that apply, I'm more or less certain that it's a Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury. Which means that I should probably stop typing (like I've been telling myself for the last hour?) considering, with the awkward way I position my hands/wrists when I type...that's most likely how this happened in the first place?

Ugh. Fuck.

I am not happy right now. I wanted to draw but this is in my dominant hand and...yeah. That's not going to happen anytime soon. Granted I usually ignore when I'm in pain if it interferes with something I want to do but...I'm trying to break that habit, and considering I don't want to risk fucking my wrist up permanently, now seems like a good time to start doing so.

Bluh. I'll ask dad to take me to a doctor/hospital/what-have-you in the morning.

Heh. So much for keeping this short. Oops.

Also. I have a Moirail. I <> you Meru.


Soooo...I woke up at 10am today. Which is a good thing, and was planned, but is not quite the point of this entry.

I have the habit of not sleeping. Or going days without sleeping, and taking fitful naps here and there in between to tie myself over. Also considering that going to bed any time before 6am is "early" for me...

Anyway. When I haven't been getting enough sleep, and then I randomly go to sleep early (went to sleep at 4am), I tend to...not wake up for a while. Or at least, not wake up easily. At all. So, I set my alarm for 10am, since I'm going out in...now less than an hour, to meet up with Amy.

Turns out it wasn't needed.

6:34am, 7:34am, 8:34am, and 9:34am...I woke up.

Entirely on my own, and for no discernible reason.

Right to the minute.


Bluuuh. So yeah, anyway. Basically just napped for the last half-hour till my alarm went off, then sat up and was wide-awake.

Go me?

-completely and utterly baffled-

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